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Launching new projects in Pretoria, South Africa

Nowadays, the main suppliers and manufacturers in the mobility sector need to make engineering tasks that require on-site presence compatible with those that can be performed remotely in an agile and efficient way. This need is not new. It is not something circumstantial. It is a necessary added value that the global pandemic has made even more visible, accelerating the process.

“You can’t grow without help” recited Ang Lee in one of his most awarded titles back in 2001, and at ITERA we want to grow by helping our collaborators and clients grow in an environment as challenging and changing as the current one.

A further proof of this is the incorporation of our engineering to new projects in Pretoria (South Africa), which will be developed by one of our clients during the next 2 years. These projects will require on-site support, in the Pretoria facilities located 1h north of Johannesburg, and remotely from the Paterna Technology Park.

How to do it? 

At ITERA we have multidisciplinary teams of engineers that adapt to the needs of the project and the client, and are able to work both remotely and on-site, ensuring the profitability of the project. We have a great ability to work under pressure, results oriented and being, above all, good team players.

Our experience in the automotive and railway industry supports this, and provides us with a wide range of possibilities.

Shall we help you grow, shall we grow together?

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