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Itera’s internationalisation allows for the diversification of the client portfolio

Why is a Spanish engineering company opening an office in India or China? Perhaps the most obvious answer can be related to production costs. But when we talk about Itera, the reason goes beyond that. It is a matter of being close to the client in order to maintain its “resident engineering” profile.

Itera opened its office in Pune, (India) to support a supplier in the automotive sector that required its services. Services specialised in the improvement and optimisation of processes and resources. Once the office is opened, the best way to keep it active and make it profitable is to integrate the Indian team in the rest of the projects. And this has been done. This office supports projects such as those being developed for Stadler in the design of an instrument panel and two locomotive cabins.

From being an office for the automobile sector, it has become another team, within the organisation chart of the entity, which gives support to the rest of the projects. 

In other words, this situation provides Spanish engineering with the possibility of tackling other projects and clients regardless of the sector or the continent.

Another advantage of having teams in different latitudes is the possibility of meeting the needs of any industry. Itera, specialised in the optimisation of production costs, makes its capacity to optimise and make resources profitable available to the whole industry. Now, with Stadler, in the railway sector. Tomorrow, machinery for the agro-industrial sector. Throughout 2021, the objective… the aerospace sector. 

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