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“At Itera we’re continually expanding our international presence with the aim of supporting our customers. We have highly specialised teams of engineers capable of managing all kinds of projects at each of our offices.”


Itera was founded as a company in 2010 (with its roots extending back to the year 2003), consolidating its position at Ford’s Almussafes plant as the only resident engineering company at the factory’s facilities with product engineers working on the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

After participating in numerous developments with Ford in Merkenich, in 2010 we established the Serial Production Team for Ford’s Almussafes plant and the C-Max model. Since then, we’ve been responsible for offering engineering support during the serial production of all vehicles manufactured in Almussafes.

• In 2015, given the number of new models to be launched at Ford’s Almussafes plant (and the good worked demonstrated by serial production teams), Ford assigned us the task of creating a Permanent Release Team, something that was unprecedented at Ford Motor Company up until then.

Today, Itera Spain has more than 100 employees on its workforce and it centralises the company’s business development across the world. It also has an HR, IT and Administration departments.

The bulk of the workforce here pertains to the Engineering Department, with 80% of staff in possession of Green or Black Belt certification.

Itera Soluciones de Ingenieria, S.L

Ronda Auguste y Louis Lumière 23, Nave 7
46980 Paterna (Valencia) España

Phone: +34 961 05 92 60

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