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ITERA Mobility Engineering is one of the 16 different companies form EU and Asia brought together by the Convering Project aiming to develop, deploy, validate and promote smart production systems that can be used in different production environments. 

The project is developed to provide solutions for four different sectors: Automotive, White Good Industry, Aeronautics and for the Additive Manufacturing (AM). 

ITERA Mobility Engineering is part of the team working on the goal of challenging the limitations inside the automotive sector on the lines of the Tool and Die inspection which is currently begin done manually. The solution presented involves the use of a smart mobile manipulator to do important tasks such as performing visual inspections with a laser, identifying where polishing is necessary, polishing of affected regions and returning them to their position in an autonomous and subjective form.   

Solutions presented for the other sectors involve the human-robot collaboration for classification and anomaly detection when assembling coils in electric hob’s enclosure for the white good Industry. On aeronautics, the goal is that by using robotic technology, we can improve the efficiency and safety when repairing fuel tanks and, for the additive manufacturing sector, again a robot-human collaboration to perform support removal and surface finishing operations. 

If you want more information of the project and its development visit the Home | CONVERGING | EU Funded Project ( website.  

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