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The ICOS service: cost optimization on OEM and Tier 1 manufacturing and assembly lines

This method applied by ITERA’s team of engineers – Itera Cost Optimization Service, ICOS – allows us to analyze each production process to look for improvements both in production and, primarily, in cost reduction.

The commercial team of the Spanish engineering company recently presented through a webinar; a success case obtained in the heart of manufacturer of automotive interior parts.

For this company, delivering the volume of parts agreed with the customer was fundamental and they were not able to meet this requirement.

The application of standards, the optimization of operations and their control allowed the company to achieve its objective and satisfy the customer’s needs.

Thanks to the experience of ITERA’s team in the design and implementation of interior and exterior vehicle parts, the team assigned to this operation was able to detect where the error was, in terms of quality and loss of economic resources.

The cost reduction objective is directly related to the reduction of rejects and in this case, thanks to the application of the Six Sigma methodology, the rejection rate has gone from 30% to 3%. 

The ITERA system has managed to reduce the costs of this process from 300,000 euros to 100,000 euros. 

Optimization of production processes

This system does not apply only to the automotive industry and not only to cost reduction. The ICOS system allows the optimization of production processes. This is the case of the success story experienced by a fruit handling and transport company. In this case, the client experienced a cost reduction of up to 13,000 euros in annual savings.  However, the greatest benefit was obtained because production stops caused by mechanical failure were reduced by 95%.

Something as simple but as difficult to demonstrate statistically that the dust damaged some bearings causing the shutdown of the transport lines and the delay in processing the fruit.

Thanks to the Itera Cost Optimization Service -ICOS- system our engineers experts in process optimization and cost reduction, analyzed the process and detected that the accumulation of dust was causing the deterioration of the bearings.

Guillermo Rumbeu, from Itera’s business development area, confirms that “our team is used to solve these problems. It’s our day-to-day work. We have extensive experience in the automotive sector where quality standards are very high. Thus, we apply the Six Sigma methodology to solve problems that always manage to reduce costs and to optimize the production of our clients, whatever sector they are in”.

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