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IRES: Itera Remote Engineering Service

Surely the current situation and teleworking has transformed the way you communicate with your coworkers, customers and suppliers.

Did you know that, in recent months, Itera has also reinvented itself in this sense, to give the best support to our customers anywhere in the world?

Thanks to new technologies and applications, the standardization of videoconferencing, delocalized work groups and online collaborative tools, we have been able to continue providing service to our customers remotely, through what we call IRES (Itera Remote Engineering Service).

A good example is the symbiosis between Itera India colleagues (based in Pune) and the engineering team in Europe (based in Valencia).

Faced with a clear need of a customer in the automotive sector to have an engineering support of the highest level in their facilities in Chennai and the impossibility of moving our experts from Europe, a team was quickly formed in which ITERA India colleagues moved from Pune to Chennai to be the physical representation of all our know-how, which was transmitted telematically from Europe to the customer’s facilities in Chennai.

In this way, in daily meetings, our colleagues in Pune provided all the feedback they could get on the customer’s problems and transmitted it to Europe.

Thanks to the advancement in communication technologies and the possibility of having all the information available in the cloud for the entire European team, combined with the good work of the Pune colleagues and the extensive knowledge of various failure modes that the European engineering team has, the support offered to the customer was excellent, as you would expect from a professional on-site workshop, so that the support required by the customer was provided to cover this urgent need.

It was quite a challenge to provide such an effective and efficient service considering the limitations imposed by the current SARS-CoV2 situation, both in Spain and in the customer’s country, India. However, going through this situation has only reinforced our ability to provide remote support with the same quality that we provide on-site; and to prove to ourselves and our customers all over the world that, when it comes to providing excellent engineering service, distance is nothing more than a number.

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