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KPIs, the key to meeting your business goals

Do you track the performance metrics of your projects? Are you sure you are using the right indicators? How is it helping you to optimise your performance?

Indicators are a key tool in order to measure the fulfilment of the objectives setted by any company. These goals should to be clearly defined, since indicators are a quantitative performance measurement, that given its full meaning only if both are in accordance. Furthermore, indicators help to show sticking points process, to characterize, understand and confirm them. In this way, management companies require an indicators system in order to facilitate decision-making and the control, as well as that to measure the organization’s performance in relation with market and competitors.

The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.

~ Arthur C. Nielsen

ITERA MOBILITY ENGINEERING disposes of a strong tool, PMT Tracker, capable of monitoring engineer’s daily tasks in the company, evaluating milestones of different projects. This is how it is possible to establish measurable regarding work done, and to procure indicators for analysing individual and work team’s efficiency.

One of the most important indicators used by ITERA MOBILITY ENGINEERING for our Product Vehicle Teams is the ones that analyse part quality claims. This provides a count of assigned claims to each engineer, as well as that, to attribute a severity and to measure the term resolution by the team. It is also possible to review he follow-up given to each of them, with the goal of setting permanent corrective actions and to justify the importance of its successful resolution.

Did you know that it was possible to monitor all these indicators in an easy and efficient way? Do you think it could help you to improve your company’s performance? Get in touch with us through this form. We will be happy to help you.