Slide We're specialists in developing the exterior and interior body for the automotive and railway industries.

At Itera we strongly believe in mobility solutions. We’ve spent more than 17 years developing products and invested over 1 million hours from the concept phase, including serial production support for interior and exterior parts. We take care of and maintain full knowledge of a product’s life cycle, which enables us to competently anticipate issues derived from mass production during the initial phases. The result is full control of the budget with no unforeseen circumstances.

Our Integrated Management System is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.


In line with the company’s diversification strategy, in 2019 we commenced our first projects for the rail industry by developing locomotive cabs. Our extensive experience and know-how in the demanding automotive industry has allowed us to grow constantly in this sector, where we’ve transferred our expertise and value as an engineering partner to manufacturers by applying our proven project management methodologies, combining traditional methodologies with agile work contexts that facilitate remote work, and providing our know-how from Itera’s different production centres around the world.


1. Body Side Moldings

2. Tail Gate Handles

3. Fender Grills

4. Mud Flaps  

5. Wheel Arch Liner

6. Whaser Systems

7. Front Grilles

8. BIW


1. Door Panels

2. Hard Trim

3. Seats & Restrains

4. Overhead Systems

5. IP & Floor Console

6. Soft Trim

7. Climate System

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“The result of a project is a reflection of the knowledge of the team that has worked on it.”


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