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Highly profitable engineering solution.


Itera Project Management System.


Integrated Management System (IMS) policy.

value proposition

We’re a company that specialises in offering highly profitable engineering solutions to the mobility industry. We boast an innovative project and talent management methodology that enables us to swiftly and efficiently address any challenge that arises, while always observing deadlines, specifications and the price agreed with the customer.


Deadlines, specifications and price.

We uphold our commitments in terms of deadlines, deliverables, quality and price. Our fulfilment strategy’s success is based on our project and talent management model: IPMS (Itera Project Management System)TM.

Specific software: Self-management capacity when developing specific tools to work with our customers.

Our own “Voice of the Customer” model: We pinpoint our customers’ requirements with a view to detecting opportunities for improvement and offering them solutions that exceed their expectations.


Our project and talent management model, IPMS (Itera Project Management System) is a guarantee we will uphold deadlines, deliverables, quality and price.

We provide value where it’s really important for our customers.

CAD development in India. From Pune, India, we currently provide support to local and European customers in relation to concept design, product design feasibility, and 3D design. Itera India has expert engineers with CAD knowledge on its team, allowing it to support customers at their facilities in relation to specific projects. Combined with the team in Spain, they allow us to provide more extensive support hours.

The engineering teams that participate in projects have a broad range of know-how in production environments (releases, series, etc.) and processes in the early stages, thereby minimising inefficiencies that lead to an increase in total costs.

IPMS + CAD in India + Know-how in production environments = Total cost guarantee.

> Rule 1-10.000


Exterior and interior body.

We’re specialists in developing the exterior and interior body for the automotive and rail industries.

> Expertise 


We’ve been developing engineering solutions since 2003 (20 years).

Over 1,000,000 hours of work underline our experience in releasing, producing and developing products, especially in the automotive industry:

Engineering hours on release: 441,760.

Engineering hours on production: 556,160.

Engineering hours on development: 250,000.


Adaptability and stability.

Our organisation model and our culture are especially devised to adapt our services to our customers’ needs by swiftly addressing the changes and challenges they face in an increasingly demanding and competitive market

We have extensive, documented experience in our business cases and we’re backed up by our figures.

We establish teams with a culture of responsibility and a focus on service. These teams are agile and adaptable, and they follow our principles (Commitment+Respect+Responsibility) and the framework of our IPMS talent management system.

As such, we select the perfect team for each customer and project: they include individuals who are enthusiastic, proactive, eager and diverse, combining senior experience with juniors. Knowledge and experience in all phases of the product.

Transparency and approachability.

At Itera, we promote a culture of responsibility and a focus on teamwork on a daily basis. With our IPMS, we’ve developed a collaborative work model based on transparency and approachability between the customer, Itera and the supplier.

We’re committed to internal and external respect: we recognise, accept and value people, customers and the company, both in terms of their qualities and their rights.

We share values that translate to an excellent work environment.

We transfer the principle of transparency to our relationships with our customers. This translates to trust, for which reason:

Our IPMS model ensures that our customers are always informed and we’re committed to KPIs we’ve agreed beforehand. We have a motto: “the price is the price”, because with Itera there are no unjustified excess costs.

The customers who continue to trust in us are our best endorsement and those with whom we tackle new challenges.


· Focus on the excellence of deliverables.

· Predictive project deviations model.

· Six Sigma problem solving model.

· Scrum framework.

· Capacity to develop specific software to improve efficiency.

· KPI monitoring.

· Ongoing information for customers.

· Systematic measurement of customer satisfaction.


We attract, train, retain and offer the best recruitment.

Integrated Management System (IMS) policy

Three practices define our identity.


We’re a team of specialists that makes every effort to deliver its best work when fulfilling each project. We’re an enthusiastic group, backed by the value of experience and led by professionals who strive for excellence.


We adapt our services to our customers’ demands. We swiftly respond to the changes and challenges we face today, working towards goals that allow us to ease the structure and costs our customers face. We consistently offer customers new engineering solutions that solve the challenges they face in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.


We take each customer’s objectives and goals and make them our own. We analyse and make suggestions with a view to identifying the most efficient, suitable solution. We value horizontal structures where every opinion is heard and considered, allowing for operational efficiency that helps us to achieve top quality, while optimising resources and providing the best service possible.


To guarantee our practices and principles are upheld, the Management Team has assumed the following commitments and makes these public for both internal and external purposes

By establishing objectives and achieving and revising its goals, ITERA will continue on its path to continuous improvement with the aim of improving productivity, stimulating creativity, initiative and a sense of responsibility among staff, improving work conditions aimed at achieving a suitable level of protection for workers, and preventing material damage.

ITERA will identify and fulfil its customers’ needs and requirements, striving not only to meet their expectations, but also to go beyond them, including the legal and regulatory requirements applicable, transferring these to our organisation in the form of defined requirements known and accepted by everyone.

ITERA will analyse and propose the most efficient, suitable solution, taking on each customer’s objectives and goals as our own.

ITERA will drive promotion of a culture of performance and value creation by implementing mentoring programmes and having professionals on its staff who share their experience. The transfer of knowledge and values through our work methodology leads us to identify as a team.

ITERA will maintain and expand its services in the markets where it operates through research, development and innovation, which is one of our most important strategic axes, providing our partners with value as a differentiating factor with a future vision.

ITERA will strike and maintain a balance between economic and social values, thereby actively contributing to the environment. Childhood and education are the basis of our commitment, and our aim is to improve the lives of children in vulnerable situations.

“Advancing is only possible with collaboration, cooperation and consensus.”


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