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ITERA the gear of your company

Do you know how many parts are approximately managed by a car manufacturer plant to be able to assembly the different vehicles? The answer would surprise you: no less than 18.000 parts.

These OEM´s must manage the complexity to build the different vehicles and their different versions in the same manufacturing line.

All these parts are produced in different supplier locations around the glove and then delivered to the vehicle manufacturer plant in the exact moment that the plant needs it, but also in the correct order that is going to use them. This is what is called “Just in sequence”. It is used to describe components or parts brought by the supplier at the production line at the right time, in the correct order.  Just in Sequence is one of the most extreme applications of the “Just in time” process.

If a raw materials supplier has a breakdown and cannot deliver the goods in a timely manner, or if an engineering change is not coordinated properly, this could conceivably stall the entire production process.  

In all this process the ITERA engineering team located in the OEM´s is a key player to accomplish that all the system runs smoothly without any problems. With the new tool developed by ITERA, the “Master Tracker” where they get all the information from the system in just one click, can check the status of every part in the right time. As an example, it highlights to the engineer if there is any part on risk that could jeopardize the build, informs to the engineer if there is a bill of material issue, or if the supplier needs a engineering deviation to be able to ship the parts on time. This specific tool developed by ITERA gives the information straight away to the engineer to be able to react on time on any adversity.

During the launch of a new vehicle or in serial production, many engineering changes need to be implemented to improve the quality of the vehicle. ITERA coordinates that the new engineering level part is introduced on time with no issues, ensuring in advance with functional builds that the new level part is working as expected and coordinates all this workstream with the supplier. 

In addition, the ITERA engineering team, ensures that all the parts are codified properly in the OEM´s internal engineering systems to ensure that the different components are assembled in the different vehicle versions and are ordered correctly through the system to all the supplier network.

ITERA is a fundamental part of the gear between the OEM´s and their supplier network. As said by Henry Ford “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is a success”.