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Master Tracker: discover the key behind our productivity

Let’s start with some questions:

  • How do you organize your Team’s work on a daily basis?
  • How do you set your Team´s targets?
  • How are your Teams achieving those goals in time?
  • How do you build your path towards the finish line the easiest possible?

And, finally, the “One million dollar question”…

  • Are you able to set Team´s targets with your customer and share them in live mode?


As you probably know, at ITERA we work in Mobility Engineering and that means we handle A LOT OF INFORMATION. Taking that into consideration, we need to monitor in detail each issue, each deliverable and each target while keeping all the information properly updated.

How do we personalize it for each one of our customers, including their speech, concepts and their vocabulary? As you can imagine, that can get a little crazy.

Let’s admit it: it’s been a challenge for us, but a challenge we’ve been able to successfully face by doing what we do best: working hard, constantly improving and setting targets.

During the last 10 years, at ITERA we’ve been developing our Master Tracker in an Agile way, a software that helps us to manage all the information around us. We’ve been perfecting it, #sprint after #sprint, by getting feedback from our engineers and working to get the best version of it —but, as you know, we never stop further improving it!

Agile framework allowed us to adapt our software according customer needs depending on changing needs and getting customer´s feedback of all those changes done.

Each one of our engineers has a specific profile according to the customer and the nature of his work. For instance, some of our engineers are fully dedicated to Product Development —some of them work on the Launch Phase and some others on the Serial Life.

Our “Master Tracker” can adapt to each one of them. Engineers can fill in the different fields in the form with the information they need to include, depending on their needs. There are contact lists, piece lists, issue trackers and other much more specific fields per customer.

The best part is that, after logging in with an username and a password, it updates itself by interacting with our customer´s systems, by meeting all customer´s IT security procedures. Security is something we take very seriously in Itera. In fact, we are certified by ISO27001, standard that certifies that we are aligned with all the requirements for information security management.

To sum up, this tool gives our engineers all the information they need in order to be more efficient and productive, in just one click. This information can be uploaded by our engineers or it can come directly from our customer’s systems.

This means that we’re aligned at all times in terms of the engineering data. With our “Master Tracker”, our customers have seen an exponential increase in our efficiency —we’re so much #Agile and productive now. Let’s face it: we can’t live without it! 

Yes, it’s quite obvious: we’re in love with our “Master Tracker”, we’re so proud of it, it’s part of our DNA. We have all the information we need just one click away.

All in all, it’s not surprising that we are so excited to share it with our customers. If something is not going “as expected”, we immediately build a “support plan”. Being crystal clear is what we do, this is an expression of confidence with our customers.

Are you processing all your data in order to be more efficient? How do you do it? We’d love to hear about it!