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Success in the Defence Sector


For over 20 years ITERA MOBILITY ENGINEERING has specialized in design and engineering areas for the automotive and railway sectors. The team’s expertise has successfully participated on two projects focused on concept development and prototypes and models for defence systems for two key companies in the sector.


There are two main reasons for the relevance of this industrial sector, for one, we find an important economic and technological value and, on the other, each’s country’s safety depends on its development.

According to the ASD, the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe, the defence sector has an annual turnover of around 55,000 million euros in the European defence sector alone. Almost half of the continent’s production is done by two main countries: France and the United Kingdom, followed by Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. And, all of these countries represent  about 90% of the EU’s defence force.

All companies that work in the defence sector use cutting edge design and engineering techniques to create more innovative and efficient military systems. They apply special know-how to develop advanced technical solutions using all new techniques such as AI, robotics, nanotechnology and additive manufacturing.



Because of this, design tools for 3D design such as Siemens NX, Catia V5 or PTC CREO, all these help us navigate through all design areas from the beginning (pre-development) to the last stages and improve companies’ competitiveness.

This detail engineering is important to identify and define all systems which established blueprints, specifications and list of materials. These innovative practices allow the development of efficient defence systems, adapted to defence needs and be capable of stand up to challenges.

From ITERA we have always tried to keep our teams up to date on the latest tools for each sector and, in the process, excel at bringing our knowledge and expertise to every aspect of our work. With our new inclusion to the defence sector, we are excited to implement all our expertise to this new area.